3.10 Pieces of Me

It’s been quite some time. It’s not a fault or a problem but more a state of mind I have to acquire to get to this point.

I’ve been exchanging pieces of me for new ones. I love the process of self improvement. It gives you a new perspective, a new outlook, a new way to see the old version of you that either a) didn’t work, b) wasn’t properly configured, c) had the right components but wrong configuration or d) the right configuration but wrong components.

Every time I evolve (or devolve depending on what’s needed), I exchange these pieces for what I need or think I need. To get to this mindset it requires a degree of detachment either through mental or chemical means. To get to this point it requires me to dust off, uncover, disassemble, and break down the thing I currently am to see where I need to go. I have to go back through and see what pieces worked, in what configuration, and what I may need moving forward. Sometimes new pieces need to be forged. Sometimes old pieces need to be repaired, modified, or fixed. It can be difficult and tasking, but it’s always worth it.

I don’t think most people are capable of this level of detachment. They see themselves as a fixed thing and not a fluid being. Humans are generally only capable of understanding 5-7 bits of ever present data at one time. The rest is logged and filed away in your subconscious where they may or may not manifest in any number of ways. This is where fears, limiting beliefs, and psychosis can stem from. If you’re not dealing with it, you’re still dealing with it.

I’ve made it habit over the years to meditate, use hypnosis, or NLP to rewire that subconscious to keep that info and help me build a new me. I’m on the verge of a new me again (the first in about a year and a few months) and it’s exciting. I’m really hoping the person closest to me decides to do the same because what comes out will not be the same that went in.

I firmly believe in the level up and for whatever comes next, I WILL be ready. The real question is, will everyone else?